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Members of Britannia Beach Fire and Rescue and of the Britannia Beach Community Association have been working towards making Britannia Beach a FireSmart community.

Never heard of FireSmart? Here's what they say on their website:

'Preparing for the threat of wildfire is a shared responsibility. From home owners, to industry and  government we all have responsibility to lessen the effects of wildfire. Wildland Urban Interface is a popular term used to describe an area where structures and forested areas meet.

Simply put, Wildland Urban Interface is where the urban lifestyle meets environments that are prone to wildfire. By choosing to extend our lifestyle and communities further into forested areas, we become more exposed to the danger of wildfire.

FireSmart Canada helps you understand the potential of wildfire affecting your home and your community.'

To find out how you can help, and some things you can do right now around your home to make Britannia, Furry Creek and Porteau Cove FireSmart, visit the 'Community Member' section of FireSmart Canada

By working together, we can make our communities safer against the threat of wildfires.

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